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Mixed Dozen

Mixed Dozen

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The perfect gift for yourself and loved ones. Quick and easy selection.

3 bars x 4 flavors = High 5's all around

That's right, now you can get that Green label OG with 15 mg's of inflammation fighting goodness. Plus upon checkout check out the monthly subscription plan. Save $5 and have the peace of mind that a mixed dozen will show up every month. That's rad!

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This is the Bar that started the revolution. Don't settle for a marketing campaign brand. Give yourself the flavor and consistency you deserve and want.


Other energy bar wrappers take 10-20 years to decompose, and like other plastics they don’t break down completely, instead becoming microplastics that absorb toxins and further pollute the environment. Phun Bar packaging is reusable AND 100% compostable.


300 calories here. If you abide by the 100 calories per hour rule, one bar be good for this weekends 20 mile run.


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